Monday, April 2, 2012

Melkote Vairamudi Brahmotsavam 2012

om namo narayanaya

It was my dream come true after waiting for last few years to attend the Melkote Vairamudi Brahmothsavam. Though  I visit Melkote regularly this year I only I had a chance to have dharsaninam of Vairamudi.

I planned in advance and I left from Mysore at 4.30pm by KSRTC bus and reached melkote at 5.45pm. I was shocked to see the huge crowd came to have the dharsan of vairamudi. When I started walking towards the temple I saw the Vairamudi and Rajamudi were carried in pallaki with security towards the temple. I joined them and walked towards the temple. Ocean of People were waiting all along towards the temple to have glimpse of Vairamudi. There were more than 2lakh people and the all the streets were filled with people. People climbed on wherever possible to witness the vairamudi. I have been to many brahmotsavam and have never seen the crowd like this before. Most of the crowd were disciplined and they found a place and were waiting for all night to catch the glimpse of perumal. Some people were rushing towards the temple to have a quick view of perumal. There were only 2 screens installed outside the temple and the videos of unpacking the vairamudi were shown. People were pouring in as the night started and the police had tough time to control the crowd. Initially I could not enter the temple as people carrying the pass were only permitted.

Adiyen found a place in front of temple and was waiting to have dharsan.  It was 8.30pm and police started to disperse the crowd which was gathered near the temple. By then transport minister of Karnataka arrived and police started to clear the crowd. After the minister and his people had dharsan cheluvanarayana perumal came adorned in Vairamudi came out of temple to bless his bhaktas. There were chanting of govinda all around and it was electrifying experience. I had dharshan of vairamudi for first time and had no words to thank perumal for this divine experience. I pulled out my camera and by then police started pushing the crowd and I was not able to capture the perumal. Perumal then started for thiruveedi ula to bless his bhaktas who were waiting around.

I started to visit yoga narashimar in the hillock and to my suprise the hillock was decorated with lights and the hillock was turned into lighthouse for pilgrims. This is my first experience of visiting hillock in the night. I had wonderful dharsan and the view of melkote from the hillock was a different experience with oceans of people everywhere. I returned to car street and I started waiting for perumal to arrive. It was 10pm and I started browsing in my mobile and I was reading the travelogue to Badrinath.  Time passed by and I was patiently waiting for perumal to arrive. It was 1.45am and perumal arrived. I had wonderful dharsan and this time I was able to capture pictures and HD videos in my digicam. Then I went to purchase some books at 2am. after purchasing garuda puram and few more books I left for cheluvanarayana swamy temple. Devotees were allowed to have dharsan. I joined the queue at 2.30am and I was out at 2.45am having wonderful dharsan of moolavar, thayar and ramanujar.

Now the crowd had reduced and people started taking rest. I happily went and joined the perumal and I was there till perumal reached garuda azhwar sannidhi. I had to go to office on monday morning. so I left with happy heart and took direct bus to bangalore at 4.30am. I reached bangalore at 7.30am.

I have shared few photos from friends and the photos which I had taken yesterday. I have some wonderful HD videos and I will share them very soon.

A very special thanks to Sri Ranganatha Krishna for the photos above.

Now please view my photos taken on vairamudi brahmothsavam.

Vairamudi and Rajamudi

Vairamudi taken with full security joined by devotees

Sweet stall

My favourite shop though I am afraid to taste the sweets

Vayiramudi and rajamudi arriving near hanuman temple

View of hanuman

Vairamudi and rajamudi taken inside the temple

View of hillock from Kalyani kulam @ 10pm


I pray to cheluva narayana perumal to provide me a support to visit vairamudi brahmotsavam every year.

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  1. Thank u very much Sir, for positng the Photos of 'VAIRAMUDI SEVA' OF 'SREE SELVANARAYANA PERUMAL'.Eventhough i went in person to see Vairamudi seva, I can't see clear picture of Vairaamudi as in your photos.Thanks a lot.Anyway God is great just like my people.

    Again with so many thanks

    Mrs,Geetha Venugopal

  2. Thanks for the upload. A nice treat for the mind and soul.

  3. Thanks for the photos and the description of Vairamudi. It was a treat to watch.

  4. Excellent photos and presentation - Thank you very much - Nandakumar

  5. Thanks for uploading the pics.

  6. very nice start of my day with darshan of our sampath kumar thakurji ..
    Thank you for sharing the same.. !