Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Varadaraja Swamy Temple -Maddur Mandya District

Last weekend I was travelling to Mysore and I decided to visit Maddur Ugra Narashima swamy temple and Varadaraja swamy temple. This is my second visit to this temple. The history says King vishnuvardhana built this temple 1000 years back and has inscriptions in tamil. His mother lost her eye sight and Ramanujar came in King Vishnuvardhana's dream and advised him to take his mother to Kanchipuram Varadharajar Temple and she would gain her eye sight.

King Vishnuvardhana's mother was very old and she could not travel to kanchi. so the king brought the same people from kanchi who designed varadharajar and asked them to create a sculpture same as Kanchi varadarajar. pooja was offered everyday to Varadarajar and on the 48th day after the mangala aarthi she regained her eyesight. since the god answered the prayers he is also called as Nethranarayana. The moolavar is 12 feet height and the temple is very close to Ugranarashima swamy temple.

Maddur is 80 kms from Bangalore and can be easily reached by Bus/Train.
All  buses going towards mysore will go to maddur. The temple is 5-10 mins walk from the bus stand.
Kaveri express from chennai/mayiladuthurai express/Kanyakumari express and some major trains stop at maddur. The temple is far away from the railway station and auto charge will be 30rs.
Temple timings 8:30am-12pm, 5pm-8pm
Tirumanjanam is performed on first sunday of every month.

Please visit this temple when you visit to mysore and Vardarajar will answer your prayers.


  1. Thanks for the information

  2. there is one more famous kala bhairaveshwara temple nearby which is famous for Basavanna ..Chikkarasinakere near maddur…

    for details

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  4. This temple was constructed by the King Vishnuvardhan. His mother was blind and Ramanuja requested him to take his mother to Kanchipuram Varadarajaswamy temple for curing her blindness. As she was very old for travel and Sri Varadaraja came in the dream of the king to construct one temple in Maddur itself. The king got sculpture craftsmen from Kanchipuram and created the idol of Sri Varadaraja. After the installation of the idol, a mandala pooja (48 days pooja) was done to the God. On the forty eighth day when the king's mother came to worship to the God her eye sight was restored. And henceforth the God got another name as "Nethra Narayanan…..


  5. Guys... thanks for the info... Visiting the temple with Family tmrw.., i will share my experience soon... :)

  6. Thanks for the info!

  7. Today(31/3/2013) I have visited to Shri Varadarajaswamy temple at Maddur.Really I love the God and the good behaviour of the Archaka Shri.PRASHANTH.But one thing I want to know is there any witnessess that the diseases of Eyes are cured.If so I request anybody to share their experiences to my mail "" so that I can share some more information with my friends. HARI OM

    Somanatha,Moodalapalya .. 9632033464

  8. After visiting the temple my daughter was cured from color blindness ( very rare in case of girl child) which she had developed all of a suddenly and her eye sight was restored to 6/6 with spectacles where as earlier even with spectacle she had difficulty in seeing distant objects.

    The doctor who checked her pre and post cure was surprised on the improvement and was not able to explain how.

    "Belief can move Mountain"


  9. Nice write up and great picures. Thanks Satish Swamin.