Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sree kshetra kambada lakshmi narasimha Temple, Kammasandra, Bangalore

Today I accompanied my wife to Kamadhenu kshetra (Raghavendra swamy temple), which also has beautiful Varahaswamy and Anjaneyar. After dharsan and prasada my wife pointed me to the sign board written in Kannada about the narasimhar swamy temple.

I was very excited and we enquired before we left for the Narasimhar temple. We reached in 2 minutes and I was excited to see the temple gopuram. It is a tamilnasdu style gopuram. I was told the temple was 4000 years old and narasimhar appeared in kamba(pillar). The moolavar is kambadha narasimhar( meaning beautiful narasimhar face in pillar). You can enjoy this thirukolam only during thirumanjanam. otherwise narasimhar is covered with kavacham and beautiful alankaram.

We were very lucky as the thirumanjanam to moolavar had started as we entered the temple. We enjoyed tirumanjanam followed by beautiful alankaram. No words to describe the beauty of narasimhar before and after t the tirumanjanam. You need to visit this temple to enjoy the beauty.

The temple also has beautiful narasimhar in nindra thirukolam (both moolavar and urchavar) and mahalakshmi thayar.

The temple is famous parikara sthalam and devotees throng the temple for parikaram. This temple is located 5kms off the bangalore-tumkur road and very difficult to identify for a new comer.

There are plenty of buses from Majestic(city bus stand)/Railway station. Majority of buses terminate at Janapriya apartments bus stop. From there the temple is 3-4kms. Plenty of share autos are available and they are aware of this narasimhar temple. there is also famous kamadhenu kshetra which comes 2km before narasimhar temple(this is the landmark) in case people are not aware of narasimhar temple.

I was not carrying a proper camera to click photos of temple. I am will be visiting this temple very often as I stay 15kms from the temple and its well outside city limits. I had clicked some photos in my mobile and managed some photos from google.

Next time I will share high quality photos.

Request you all to visit this rare temple and se.ek blessings of narasimhar.

Thanks to Narasimharaju.K.S Narasimha

Thanks to Narasimharaju.K.S Narasimha

Thanks to Guru Madhwapathi

Photos taken in my mobile.

Narasimhar in nindra thirukolam (this is not moolavar)

Sree kshetra kambada lakshmi narasimha Temple
Kammasandra  dasanapura hobli tumkur road bangalore north taluk  phone number of archaka 8050983345


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