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Sri Venugopala Krishnaswamy Temple in Malleshwara locality in the Garden City, IT City Bengaluru was constructed and established in 1902 and this stands out shining as a beautiful monumental structure almost in the centre Malleshwara. The temple was established during the formation era of the Malleshwara area in the beginning of the 20th century by Vedic experts, other respectable residents of Bengaluru and devotees. This temple was established in accordance with paancharaatragama and Vedic practice and procedures and the same is in practice today too. This temple is growing in popularity day-in and day-out and has been attracting numerous devotees since several decades. The style of worshiping and the rituals performed in the temple has been its speciality. Giving a brief introduction about Malleshwara it can be said that this locality was formed during the last decade of the 19th century and this area has a fine blend of people from various walks and creeds and is renowned for harmony among its dwellers. The people of Malleshwara led by imminent personalities such as Shetlur Venkataranga Iyengar, Professor M T Narayana Iyengar, Sri Rao Bahadur Narasimhacharya, M T Narasimha Iyengar and vidvan Sri Asuri Anandalvar swamy and others have greatly contributed to the establishment of the temple, main sannidhi (shrine), its customary & cultural structure, rituals, growth & development, security etc., is really a memorable gesture. The idea & divine thought of establishing a Vishnu temple in the vishishtadvaita & paancharaatragama principle & style crossed the minds of the residents. They got into the search of a suitable site for this auspicious purpose and they eventually approached the then government of Mysuru kingdom headed by Mysuru Maharaja, which heeded to their plea and willingly granted this site for the purpose, which measures 140in East to West between East Park Road and West Park Road and 250in North to South between 11th cross on the northern side and 10th cross on the southern side.

Responding as a support to the peoples effort of collection of the divine idols the Mysuru Royal Government heartily and voluntarily contributed 3750/- varahas (the then rupees of the Maharaja regime) as lead contribution which was, instantly as a reflex action, followed by the locales who contributed a whopping 11794/- varahas for the purpose. The establishment of the main shrine along with the consecration (pratishtapane) of all deities was done on 22nd August 1902 i.e., on the auspicious day of Bahula Tritiya of Shravana Maasa (Simha maasa) of ShubhaKritha naama samvatsara, uttarabhadra nakshatra on the day. As a coincidence the crowning (Pattabisheka) of the Maharaja Nalvadi Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar was also carried out on the same day. (One can conclude that the blessing of lord Vishnu was always present on the royal family). Sri Krishnaraja Wodeyar got the award/title as Rajamaharshi which added extra glory to the great Mysuru kingdom. The consecration rituals were carried out in complete compliance with the religious custom and style followed in Melukote. The same practice and custom is being followed in the temple even today.

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 Location : This temple is in 11th cross Malleswaram.
BUS : City bus ply every 2 minutes from the Majestic(City bus station). Ask for malleswaram bus and get down at 11th cross bus stop. The temple is also near Malleswaram market. Anyone will guide you to this temple from the Bus stop.
Railway station : You can take a prepaid auto from the Bangalore City Railway station or Bangalore Cantonment railway station and will cost you less than 50rs.

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  1. annaprasanam can be done here at Sri Venugopala Krishnaswamy Temple in Malleshwaram?

  2. Hi Nikhil, Annaprasanam can be done here. contact temple for more details

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    Can i get the temple contact no...