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Chunchunkatte Sri kodandaramar temple

Thanks to Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar swami for sharing his experience, shtala purana and photos from his website Vishnu temples of karnataka

A must see place and you should go during Monsoon , you can see the water of Mother CAUVERY in three different colours and it will be a spectacular sight . I have visited twice , first along with my Guru bratha Sri Haresh of Singapore, and it was afternoon and Maha Mangala Arathi was going on and lot of Monkeys were there , they standing like a disciplined devotees , then after maha mangalarathi priest distributed prasadam and all monkeys came in que and had prasadam , then afterwards they started the Kapui Cheshta. till then they were disciplined , priest told this is the daily affair. Priest has to push us in to a room and give the prasadam of Chakra Pongal, Puliogre and Dhadhi yona. literally locking us from out side . We enjoyed the prasadam. Then next time i went was with my Sahadharmini Geetha Sridhar during our annual sojourn during Sankranthi. The visit was published in Tech Venture column of "Bangalore Mirror"

Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar

Shtala puranam from Vishnu temples of karnataka

Sriman Narayan Bhattar was kind enough to tell the Sthala Purana , He told in Kannada and I have tired my level best to translate it , if any mistakes pray excuse. This place is known as DhandakaAranya Kshetra . In this  DhandakaAranya Forest .Here lots of sages did penance in this forest , Rama came here and stayed here for three days. The Cauvery which is flowing now did not come in into existence, Cauvery was  Gupthavahini at that time. Sita Matha wanted to take bath, she asks her brother-in-law Lakshmana that no water is in trace here , Then our Lakshmana imimmediately puts a Bhana  in a big stone bund and lo behold the water flows like a fountain and then like a big sarovara. Then when Matha went to take bath there was proper facilities for  ladies to take bath ,then when Matha was little hesitant, then a big stone bund cracks into two pieces and comes near the place she stands and this is place is known as Sita Madilu , then our Sita Pirati took bath. Then she took oil bath. , From that day it is considered as auspicious to take oil bath here. Then the place where Lakshmana put the Bhana came to be known as Dhanushkoti. After three days stay here they continued the journey and short distance from this place a Sage named Rhinabhina MahA Rishi was doing penance, then Rama gives him the Moksha . Rhinabhina MahA Rishi  did the Prathistai. Here there is no Anjaneya, because the meeting between Lord Sri Rama and Anjaneya had not taken place. So Rama instructs before coming to this place on the banks of Cauvery there is Anjaneya Idol and people should have his darshan first and then come here. Even thought the Cauvery is flowing close by there is no noise of River flowing. Every where the Sita Mata will be in Left side of Rama but here you can find her in right side of Rama because  Rhinabhina MahA Rishi told Rama that i had darshan of Pirati on your left side everywhere , So i want to have the darshan of Sita Pirati on your Right side.

Contact details:

Timings : Morning 8 Am - 1 Pm and evening 5 Pm -8 Pm

Sri Narayan Iyengar,
Sri Rama Temple,
Mysore District
Tel:+91 08223 - 281256

Route : It is very near to Saligrama and also Mysore.

Please contact Lakshminarasimhan Sridhar swami before you share any information or photos above
Mobile: +91 0 9448322378/Landline: 08050778093

I travelled from mysore to K.R,Nagar(Krishnarajanagara) by bus and then took a local bus to chunchunkatte. once you get down at chunchunkatte you can see the temple arch right opposite to the bus stop.  

The below photos were taken by me from my mobile phone.



 I request you all to visit this place when you plan your trip to Mysore. Very beautiful and silent village. the temple is located along the banks of cauvery river and visit during monsoon season as the river will be full of water and the waterfalls will be beautiful and colorful. water flows from here to KRS dam.


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