Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sri Kailash Vaikunta Mahakshetra Temple, Rajaji Nagar 5th Block, Bangalore

Photo Courtesy: Geetha Padmanabhan
Last month I was searching for a picture of Ananthasayana perumal (Moolavar in Karkala) in google and after 2 days I found the picture and posted it in my blog. The picture was small and resolution was less.

To my surprise I received a mail from Srinivassan Soundarrajan and he had beautiful pictures of  Ananthasayana perumal in his gallery. I thanked him and posted the pictures of Ananthasayana perumal

Few days later I was browsing through his gallery and found beautiful ranganathar and the description read Ranganathar, Rajaji nagar Bangalore. It was a weekend and I took an auto and ended up in West of Chord Road(Manjunath Nagar) Ranganathar temple. I entered the temple and surprised to see Ranganathar which was different from the photo. I did archana and returned home. The same night I messaged Srinivassan Soundarrajan and told him about the ranganathar temple in West of Chord Road.

He was not aware of the exact location and he promised me to get back with the proper address and location of temple. This was because he left Bangalore few years back.

Today I again did a search in google maps based on approximate location suggested by Srinivassan Soundarrajan. I boarded a bus and got down at Bashyam circle and walked towards the location suggested by my google maps based on GPS(mobile phone). After 10 mins of walk I saw a gopuram in the corner of road and found it was a Bala murugan temple. I turned back in confusion and the Sri Kailash Vaikunta Mahakshetra Temple,was on the opposite side with a park in front of the temple.

I rushed inside the temple and this time it was the same ranganathar I saw in the photo gallery of Srinivassan Soundarrajan. There were 2 devotees in the temple and I spent some time and had a nice dharsan. I thanks Srinivassan Soundarrajan for giving me the oppurtunity to visit 2 ranganathar temples located in less than 2kms radius.

 Sri Kailash Vaikunta Mahakshetra Temple is located in Rajaji Nagar 5th Block, which is less than 3kms Bangalore Railway station.

This temples has Panchamukha Anjaneyar, Ranganathar (More than 20 feet length), Srinivasa perumal, Shiva, Tirupurasundari, Navagraha, Ganesha and Subramanya. Lakshminarasimhar temple is right in front of temple. Also one can find 7 feet sani bhagwan temple and Balamurugan temple in the opposite side.

shared from Srinivassan Soundarrajan photo gallery

Click here to watch the moolavar video from Sankara tv


  1. This is an amazing temple I have come across. The temple is over crowded on Saturdays as Saturdays are auspicious for Lord Sri Venkatesh Perumal. Also everyday they decorate every God so well and you feel that God is sitting in that Garbagruha. They are so real. Auspicious place to visit. I highly recommend this temple.

  2. The temple is 3-5kms from Majestic bus stand/Railway station. This temple is located near Bashyam circle, Rajaji Nagar. There is also balasubramanya temple in front of this temple. Near Bashyam circle there is a government play ground. opposite to play ground there is a temple arch. you have to reach the temple arch and reach the end of road. the temple is on left side.

  3. kindly get me your contact number?

  4. Hi Everyone.. this temple is really awesome and you get to see not only Ranganathar but Ganesha, Subramanya, Anjaneya, Lakshmi, Venkateshwara, Shiva Lingam, Amman and Navagraha.

    Next to temple there is ashwad katte and all navagraha plants with Naagar idols.