Thursday, February 27, 2014

Panguni Brahmautsavam at Mannargudi 2014

This year (2014) Panguni Brahmautsavam at Mannargudi is to be commenced from March 17, 2014 Mirchangrahanam, March 18, 2014 Nagarasodhanai and from March 19, 2014 Thuvajarohanam and then for 18 days upto 05.04.2014 continuously Perumal Morning Pallaku purapadu at 8.00 am and then proceed to Vahana Mandapam situated at 5kms away from Temple. From Vahana Mandapam evening 8.00 pm purapadu at Vahaham daily and reach temple between 1 to 3 midnight. From 06.04.2014 onwards 11 days Vidayatri Utsavam. Thus totally 30 days Utsavam from only Mannargudi Temple.


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