Monday, March 25, 2013

Photos from Melkote Vairamudi utsavam 2013

This year 2013 was very special to me. I had a wonderful dharsan and I was happily roaming in the streets of melkote till morning 3am. The vairamudi utsavam was on friday and I decided to go to melkote 2 days back. The day of vairamudi sevai I travelled from Bangalore to Mysore in the morning and I started to work from my father-in-law's house. I worked till 9pm and left for Melkote @ 9.30pm by KSRTC bus. KSRTC has made available good number of buses for the convenience of people who visit the vairamudi sevai. I reached melkote around 11pm. I was shocked to see some 40+ KSRTC buses which had arrived from Bangalore,Mandya and Mysore.

I went to kalyani kulam and proceeded to have dharsan of Chellapilai in Vairamudi. I had a wonderful dharsan and started moving with chellapillai till 1.30am. Then I proceeded to temple to have dharsan of moolavar. I had wonderful dharsan by 1.45am. Then I came back and enjoyed Vairamudi sevai till 3am. Then I rushed to the main temple to find a comfortable place to enjoy Rajamudi sevai.

Vairamudi sevai got over at 3.30am and perumal was taken into Vahana mandapam. I had to stand in front of vahana mandapam till 5.30am. At 5.30am Chellapillai came out in Rajamudi alankaram and I enjoyed the dharsan thanking perumal. Perumal came towards me and before I could realise he turned to bless the devotees who were standing to my opposite side. I enjoyed the back view of perumal and alankaram was excellent. I switched off my camera. In no time perumal turned back and one maami standing next to me shouted at me reminding to take the photos. my camera was real quick and I captured the video till perumal entered the main temple.

Please note : Rajamudi happens on the sameday of the vairamudi utsavam and there will be 1-2 hrs gap for the utsavam to start. you need to find place infront of the temple as the perumal will move directly from vahana mantapam to main temple. There will be no thiruveedhi ula. so if you want to enjoy the rajamudi you need to find a place in front of the temple and wait for 2hrs(standing). Perumal will give dharsan for only 5 minutes and he will move directly to the main temple.

Finally I should thanks the police department for deploying the police in large numbers and help the temple authorities to conduct the utsavam in very peaceful manner. I had a long chat with some policemen while enjoying the vairamudi sevai.

Thanks to chellapillai for such a wonderful sevai and I pray to him to bless me every year with a chance to witness the vairamudi utsavam.

yoga narasimha swamy temple-melkote

Moon during Vairamudi utsavam
People waiting to have a glimpse of Vairamudi (12:00am)

People waiting to have a glimpse of Vairamudi (12:00am)
Main temple @ 12.30am. Melkote was crowded till 2am.


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