Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mannargudi – Sri Rajagopalaswamy temple

"Kovil Paadhi, Kulam Paadhi"
This proverb explains that half (Paadhi) of this Mannargudi Kshetram is surrounded by temple (Kovil) and rest by Kulam (Pond).

Mannargudi is found on the Southeast part of Tanjore and there are lots of bus facilities are available from Tanjore, Kumbakonam etc. In this Mannargudi, other saivam temples are also found which are also said to be greatest.

In Telugu, "Gudi" means temple. Since, Sri Rajagopalaswamy who is also called with the name "Rajamannar", this sthalam is popularly called as "Rajamannar Gudi".

Mannargudi sthalam is also called with other names like, Mannarkoyil, Rajamannargudi, Shanbakaranja vandwarapathy, Dhakshina Dwaraka and Vasudevapuri.

The speciality of this sthalam is that it is said that if we stay for a night in this sthalam, we will get the credit. Which is equivalent to donating 1000 cows to someone. This is well explained by Pulasthiyar. He explains the greatness of this sthalam to Bheeshmar as stated in Mahabharatha as:

"Thathroshya Rajaneemaykaam
Kosahasra balam bhavethi"

The Moolavar of this sthalam is Para Vasudevar. He is found in Nindra Thirukkolam along with Sri Devi and Bhooma devi. The Moolavar is also called with other names as "Sri Vidhya Rajagopalan". He is found in a gigantic posture wearing silver kavacham along with Sanghu, Chakkaram and Gadhai in Standing position.

Mannargudi - Sri Rajagopalaswamy The Utsavar of this sthalam is Sri Rajagopalaswamy, whose posture and beauty is unexplainable. He is giving his seva in standing position and his legs slightly bent alongside of the cow. He is found along with the Sengkol (an instrument which is found in the hands of the Kings). The shape of the sengkol also needs to be explained. We can see a long, straight golden sengkol in which the edge is 3 times coiled. This golden sengkol is found on the right hand of Sri Rajagopalaswamy and his left hand is placed over the shoulder of Sri Sathya Bhama who is found on the left side of the Perumal.

Towards the Perumal, we can find other four types of Perumals such as:

Yaga Moorthy

Bhala Moorthy

Snana Moorthy

Sayana Moorthy

We can also find a small golden Navaneedha Krishnan idol on Garuda Vaghanam close to the Perumal and a small idol of Santhana Gopalan is also found. It is believed that if any person who doesn't have children, are blessed with the worship of this Perumal.


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