Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hoysala Temples - Visit to Halebid

It was a Friday evening and I was busy preparing for a client call. My colleagues were busy with their plans for the weekend. Their talks were crossing my ears and their plans were about parties/Cricket world cup/shopping/movies.

My meeting got over successfully and I went to have a strong coffee. My colleagues asked me about my plans for weekend, Which Temple are you going this weekend? and I had no answer as I wanted a break from the “weekend”. I replied them with a smile.

I ordered for a cappuccino and I started thinking about the weekend. I remembered my grandma’s experience/stories on Halebid/Belur. When I was in class 5, my parents along with grandma went for a Temple tour in a bus along with relatives. They planned to leave me with my aunt as I had exams (class 5 monthly exams of course). I cried for 2 days and forget about that and concentrated on my exams. When they came home from the tour they were all excited about the temples they had visited and they were sharing their experience with many for more than 3 months. First of them were Halebid and Belur.

Sir your coffee is ready. I picked my coffee and called my grandma. I told her that I remembered her temple tour. She was very happy and started her experience which she had some 15yrs back. I finished my coffee break and busy with my work again.

It was 10:30pm and my colleagues starting leaving office blessing me for a happy weekend. I packed my bag and hurried to catch my cab. Cab experience was boring as my cab mates were talking about the so called weekend. I don’t blame them as the life has become mechanical and they rarely find time for spend together with their loved ones.

I reached home at 11:15pm; I was bitten by Weekend bug and started my plans. I troubled my partner (Google search engine) and found some interesting information on Halebid/Belur. I finished reading them and my clock was laughing at me as it was 3am.

I was more excited reading about Halebid/Belur Temples combined with my grandma’s experience and forgot my sleep. I took bath and I was on my way to Bangalore city bus stand in an auto @ 4am.

My Journey started with coffee and I took the bus to Hassan @ 4:30am.  The Moon was staring at me bright before the full moon day. The bus was empty and I took my seat and started sleeping. The bus stopped for coffee/Tiffin break at some Highway hotel @ 6am. I was not hungry; I took my mobile (More often my camera as I do very less calling) and walked to the Highway to enjoy the speeding vehicles. The sun was rising. I clicked the sunrise and conductor called me.

It was 9am and bus reached Hassan bus station and there was argument among the passengers whether to get down at new bus stand or old bus stand. I was not aware of new bus stand and checked with the old man next to me. He laughed and told me that new bus stand is still awaiting new passengers and he advised me to get down at old bus stand.

I had a light breakfast and took bus to Halebid (Frequency every 45mins). My bus was overcrowded with college students and within 5kms the bus was left with 10 passengers. There is Insat Master control facility in the outskirts of Halebid. One can find many beautiful lakes on the way and windmills on the top of nearby hill.

It was a bumpy road and I was tossed up and down inside the bus before I decided to stand. I reached Halebid at 11am welcomed by a very beautiful and vast lake. As I was enjoying the scenic beauty of the lake the bus stopped in front of the temple. I spent 2hrs in the temple. There is no entrance fee to this temple. Guide services are offered for a group of 10 people for Rs.200 and Rs 250/- if the group has more than 10. Its worth hiring a guide. The History changes if the tourist is a Non-Indian. 


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