Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shri Santhaana Venu Gopala Puram

Photo courtesy  : Murali Ravi kumar

Sri Venugopala Puram located on the Thiruttani - Sholinghur road at about 10 KM from
Sholinghur. This is a very ancient temple with Vadakalai Sampradhayam and Vaiganasa Agamam.

The Moolavar is a very rare statute, Sri Santhana Venu gopala swamy with a Cow beautifully sculptured in one single Stone along with Rukmini, Sathyabhama on either side. The temple has been neglected for many years and one Shri Ramanujachariar, who took the initiative to renovate the temple. HH Srimath Andavan Swamy gave his blessings for the Mahasamprokshanam, which was
performed on 6th Nov 2003 in a grand manner.

In the temple along with Alwars, Sri Ramanujar and Swamy Desikan idols were existing all these years.

R Srinivasan


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