Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gurpur Theru 2013 - Day 1

Gurpur Shri Varadaraja Venkataramana Temple.

"Varadaraja" is a beautiful idol of panchaloha with a shanka, chakra, lotus in the left hand and garlanded with jewels and vanamala and is flanked with sridevi and bhoodevi at the sanctum, this God is the moola Deity of the temple.

The beautiful idol of Veera Venkatesha is made of panchaloha with a sword hanging from waist. Because of the sword which symbolises valour the deity is known as “Veera Venkatesha” and even Lord Srinivasa is there in the Garbha gudi, this idol was given by Shree Gokarnamutt Parthagali Jeevotham Matadish Shrimad Indirakanth Theertha Swamiji i 1905. This idol was brought from basrur,Kundapur Taluk, by the trustees of the temple and Lord Srinivasa is the Utsava Murthi(idol) and taken out during Carfestival and other functions. Poojas are also performed to the parivara devathas Shree Mukhyaprana, Shree Ganapathi, Shree Laxmi and Shree Garuda that are installed at the four corners of the temple. Daily offerings such as Panchamratha, Gangabhisheka, Sahasra Naamarchane, Nandadeepa and Pulakabhisheka are offered to the Lord as per Madhwa tradition, along with the customary trikala poojas. The temple relies on the guidance of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan. The annual car festival which is held with pomp and gaiety is attended by thousands of devotees from far and wide. Other festivals that fall in various months of the Hindu calendar are also celebrated in the temple. During utsavas people offer voluntary services to Lord as a mark of their devotion.

Gurpur Theru 2013 - Day 1 photos

Thanks to Gawd Saraswat Brahmin(GSB) for sharing the photos.



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