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Arjitha Vasanthothsavam -Daily seva, Tirumala,

I have shared my experiences in the post below.

I reached Tiruchanoor(alamelu managapuram) at 7am and I was unable to have dharsan as the regular dharsan was stopped. There was special dharsan from 6am-10.30am. The seva name is 
Astothara Sata Kalasabhishekam (1st Wednesday of Every Month ) - Price 2000(2 persons allowed) - One upper, one blouse, 2 Laddus, 2 vadas, one 5 gram Silver Dollar.  During this seva time all other seva tickets are not issued. I could not wait till 10.30am to have dharsan. so I left for tirumala immediately.

I reached tirumala at 9.30am. I enquired at the information centre and I was told only 2 copies of Internet tickets were enough to have dharsan. ID proof mentioned in the ticket is mandatory. I spent some time in tirumala visiting varahaswamy temple, Hayagreevar temple and visited some mutts.

I also visited TTD sales counter next to Vahana mandapam(Just opposite to Main temple). There are very good books published by TTD in many languages. I picked up Chittara Tiruppavai(Tamil edition with beautiful drawings)priced at 20rs. I also picked books on 108 divyadesams(English). There were 8 volumes and I was lucky enough to find 5 volumes.

There are many Arjitha sevas conducted daily/weekly/monthly/yearly and most of them are conducted in Vaibavothsava mandapam which is located diagonally (left side) opposite to the main temple entrance.

I went to the Vaibavothsava mandapam at 12.30pm just to ensure If I have proper ticket which allows me to the vasanthothsavam seva. The person at the mandapam didt check my ticket and he politely guided me to sit inside the mandapam. All the vahanams used in different sevas are maintained here in a glass enclosure. Also there are huge pictures of malaiappa swami in various vahanam taken during bramhotsavam. There is a big stage where the sevas are conducted. The background wall in the stage has beautiful sculptures.

Kalyanothsavam is performed from 12.00pm-1:00pm. Arjitha bramhotsavam is performed at 2:00pm and Vasanthothsavam is performed at 14:30pm. After these sevas the ticket holders are allowed for dharsan of srivari from Supatam entrance. Supatam entrance is just beside Vaikuntam I Complex.

Time passed by and slowly people who had tickets for Arjiths bramhotsavam started coming in. They were asked to sit in middle of hall. The hall is divided into 3 parts. The first part is left empty usually. only 30 minutes before the seva, devotees are allowed to sit in the first part of hall. If devotees arrive before the reporting time mentioned in the ticket they will be asked to sit in the middle or last part of the hall. They will always request male devotees to sit in the left side and female devotees on the right side. This is because just before the seva time, female devotees are allowed first into the first part of hall. Once all the female devotees have settled, the male devotees are allowed inside the first part of hall. It is better to be there 1hr before the seva starts as devotees are allowed to sit on first come first basis.

It was 1pm and Arjitha brahmothsavam seva ticket holders were allowed in the first part of the hall. the second part of the hall was empty and Vasanthothsavam ticket holders were requested to sit in the third part of the hall.

Exactly around 1.40pm Malaippa swamy with sridevi and Bhoodevi nachiyars arrived in Kalyana thirukolam(straight from Kalyanothsavam with beautiful alankaram, mela thalam). After mangalaharthi to perumal screen was closed.

After 15 minutes screens around the stage were opened and Arjitha bramhotsavam started. Perumal gave dharsanam in garuda vahanam,then hanumantha vahanam and sesha vahanam.Then perumal joins sridevi and bhoodevi nachiyars. After mangalaharthi Arjitha Bramhotsavam ticket holders were offered sadari and asked to proceed to supatam.

After all the arjitha bramhotsavam devotees moved out, ticket holders for Vasanthothsavam seva were allowed in first part of the hall. I managed to find a place in second row. Thirumanjanam were performed to malaippa swamy, sridevi and bhoodevi nachiyars for 30 minutes. Then malaiappa swamy, sridevi and bhoodevi nachiyars were decorated beautifully. The seva was over and we were offered sadari.

We arrived at the sapatham at 4.30pm and were allowed to join the sarvadharsanam queue. Internet ticket holders should ensure they take a seal in the ticket when the ticket is verified by TTD officials. Without the seal you can't collect the laddus.

I had a wonderful dharsan of srivari and when I came out of the temple, Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva was ready to start. Sahasra Deepalankarana Seva is performed outside the Tirumala temple and I waited there till the seva got over. Then I collected laddus and left for tirupati to catch my train to Bangalore.

Videos from Youtube

Tirumala Arjitha Bramhotsavam

Tirumala Arjitha Vasanthotsavam  

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