Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple, Vasantapura

Vasantha Vallabharaya Temple, located in Vasantapura in Bangalore city, is a temple dedicated to the deity Vasantha Vallabharaya, the Hindu god Vishnu. It dates back to the Chola dynasty.

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The Mulavar is very beautiful and it is really enchanting to see the
Abhishekam(Tirumanjanam) of the Lord, in the midst of  the Vedic Hymns
recited by the srivaishnava archakas of the temple.

Mahalakshmi resides in this place as Vasantha Nayaki, adjacent to the
main deity. 

Really this temple is worth a visit which is one of the ancient
Vaishnavite temples of Karnataka  with serene surroundings and  very
near to Bangalore City.

You can also visit a beautiful crystal clear lake in the north-eastern
direction of this temple where a new temple to Lord Venkateshwara is
built in the middle of the lake.

Om namO nArAyaNAya
Sampige Srinivasa Iyengar


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