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Dear Asthikas,

One of the greatest stotras on Lord Hayagreeva composed in last few centuries is the SRI LAKSHMI HAYAVADANA MANTRA MALIKA STUTI which was Composed by Tharka Theertha Panditha Ratnam Ubaya Vedantha Kasturi Rangacharya of Mysore (1864 - 1906).

Tharka Theertha Panditha Ratnam Kasturi Rangacharya was a great devotee of Lord Lakshmi Hayagreeva of Parakala Matham. He was a philosophic giant of his times, and also a great grammarian. He followed the tradition of Swamy Desikan, who housed maha mantrams of his upasana in his stotrams like Sri Hayagriva stotram. Born in this tradition is the Sri Lakshmi Hayavadana Mantra Malika Stuti.

U.Ve. Villur Nadadoor Sri Bhashya Simhasanadipati Karunakaracharya Swamy has written succinct and insightful Tamil commentaries for each of the 33 Slokams of this mantra malika stuti for us to gain an appreciation of the deep bhakti of the Mysore Maha Vidvan.
Sri Lakshmi Hayavadana Mantra Malika Stuti has 34 slokams, including the “Phala Struti” as the 34th slokam. Each of the 33 slokams start with each of the 33 aksharams of the Hayagriva mantram outlined above. Sri Kasturi Rangacharya’s slokams are set in Sragdhara meter, a favorite meter of Swamy Desikan. The word “Sragdhara” comprises : “srag” and “dhara”. “Srag” means a garland. “Dhara” is one which supports it (dharithal). Sragdhara means then a garland of words that is adorned. More on this can be found in the book which is an excellent gift for Hayagreeva Bhaktas.
The book is modestly priced at Rs.100/- and the funds are for use in various kaimkaryams.

To obtain your personal copy, please write to us. Please pass this information to other Asthikas.

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Information shared by Sripuram Srikanth.


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