Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sri Mannargudi swamy, conducts BAGAVAT VISHAYAM, GEETHA & SRIMATH
RAHASYATHRAYA SARAM kalakshepams at different places @ Chennai.We
propose to cover all the three and provide to interested people, as
audio file.Some doubts in one subject gets answered in the kalakshepam
of other. Say doubts arising in Deepam are answered in Bagavath
geethai class and so on and so forth.So a comprehensive approach is
better.We dont demand additional time from Swamy as these are on going
classes.We already have 20 recordings in each and can proceed
immediately by uploading.The current c overages will follow.This we
propose start from SUNDAY 11th March 2012, CHITHRA nakshatram of Sree
Veeraraghava Perumal of Tiruvallur.All who are interested can contact
now.We will upload 2 each every week. 2 each in Bagavath vishayam
starting from MUDAL SRIYAPATHY, SRIMATH SARAM starting with
GURUPARAMPARATHIKARAM & Geetha starting from chapter 1.
Already 10 classes were uploaded.The fees are Rs. 15,000 per
annum for all the four kalakshepams. you can pay this
in 3 instalments as Rs. 5ooo/ every 4th month.
Amount already paid for deepam can be deducted and
the balance may be remitted to Sri Bakthisara Pathangi Rangaramanuja
educational trust, account no. 0735301000012894 on Lakshmi Vilas bank
ltd, Tiruvallur branch. ifsc code no LAVB 0000735.Address of the trust
is no.26, Dhanalakshmi street, MGM Nagar, Tiruvallur.FOR ALL WHO JOIN
BEFORE 14 April 2012 Srimathsaram kalakshepam of17 chapters covered in
the last 4 years will be given as a free gift in a DVD.All who are interested may contact Thiru Nanda Pathangi,
@thiruevvul@hotmail.com/ thiruevvul@gmail.com. Mobile
9629343599/9941513007.Tel:+ 91-44-27664603


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