Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kalale shri Lakshmikanthaswamy Temple

Kalale is a beautiful and silent village which is 6kms from Nanjangud on the Mysore-Gundlupet-Ooty highway. It is 28kms from Mysore.

One fine morming I took bath and left by 7.30am Mysore-Chramrajnagar Passenger and reached Nanjangud by 8.15am. Nanjangud is a famous shiva pilgrimage place. There are bus stations in Nanjangud and both are located on either side of the Nanjangud. Ask for KSRTC bus station. From here there are government buses to Kalale every 30 minutes. If you are traveling by own vehicle Kalale village is on the right side of the highway and you can find an arch which welcomes you to the temple. when traveling by bus get down at the last stop and ask for the route to the Lakshmikantha swamy temple.

I reached Kalale at 9.00am. As I approached the temple I got excited about the beautiful location and started chanting Narayana. I entered the temple and the inner doors were closed and I was looking for someone to ask for temple timings. To my suprise I found bhattar and he welcomed me with a smiling face and enquired about where I am coming from. I had a nice dharsan and he provided me with prasadam.

Then I asked him about the temple timings and he told me that the temple would be open from 7.00am - 2.00pm. I took bhattar's permission and started taking my photographs inside the temple. I take photographs and share it so that many bhagavathas can visit and help in day to day kainkaryams. This temple is huge and I request bhagavathas to visit once and donate liberaly to preserve if for your future generations. I took photographs and it was time for me to take blessings from Lakshmikantha swamy and left for Mysore.


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