Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kalahalli Sri Lakshmivarahanatha

Kalahalli is a little known village which has a 2000 year old  and 15 feet high Sri Lakshmivarahanatha temple. This temple is currently maintained by Parakala Mutt, Mysore for last 12 years. No poojas are done to the moolavar as construction is in progress. Instead there is a single room near the temple and poojas are performed to Sri Lakshmivarahanatha Photo. I wanted to visit this temple for last 1year and proper transportation was not available as I prefer visiting temples by Public transport. The route map I got from Google was little confusing. I was in Mysore last week and my cousin asked me if I am interested to visit KRS DAM. I agreed and we left by 2 wheeler. On the way I enquired him about this temple and he told he has visited this temple few months back and we decided to visit the temple. This temple is 35kms from KRS Dam and road is very good from KRS. There are 2 villages en route and they guided us whenever we asked them. We reached the temple in 30 minutes from KRS. River Hemavathi flows near the temple. There are few villagers selling pooja items and Bricks. I was surprised and when enquired they told me that pooja is done to the brick and it is used in constructing house.We parked our 2 wheeler and went to river to take bath. It is back water of hemavathi and very nice place. We took bath and had nice dharsan. There is a person collecting donations from visitors and he offered beautiful picture of Sri Lakshmivarahanatha. I request all bhagavathas to visit this temple when you visit melkote as this temple can be reached from melkote in 1hour via pandavapura. Also there are few buses from pandavapura which stops 1km from the temple. Also please spread the message and donate liberally so that we can preserve this temple for our future generations.


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