Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Srinivasa mangapuram


Dear Friends,
Fed up with Seva or Darshan processes @ Tirumala. Sorry to learn through media about the Arjita Seva scams & nasty treatment during darshan & also by self experience.

But sure way is there to have the ecstasy of performing sevas in serene atmosphere with utmost satisfaction as if they are conducted for you only & with least expenses.

Srinivasa Mangapuram Kalyana Venkateswara temple is the venue. The deity here  is replica of Tirumala deity., ie., the appearance,say not almost, but IDENTICAL in toto.
The Arjita Sevas start @ 2.30am @ tirumala, but conveniently @ 5am at S'mangapuram.
 Suprabhatam, tomala seva, Archana, Asthadalapada Padmaradhana (Tuesdays), Sahasra Kalasabhishekam (Fridays), Visesha Abhishekam (Wednesday), Kalyanam (everyday) 10am onwards, for same duration at both places. The first 3 sevas available for just Rs.10 per seva. FOR THAT DONT THINK THEY ARE JUST DONE FOR THE SAKE OF DOING. For same duration as in Tirumala, they are performed. And other sevas just for half the rates of Tirumala and normally available same day without prior reservation.
Since long time, Ekanta Seva is not allowed for public at Tirumala. At S'Mangapuram that  also u can easily avail, again just for Rs.10/- & that too at 8pm itself.. (@ Tirumala it was Rs.100).
Nowadays, S'Mangapuram is gaining importance and, awareness of these sevas o/a of second steps-path from here to Srivarimettu recently opened.

Monday to Thursday around 25 piligrims attend the sevas. Friday to Sunday about 75 attend.  It is expected by next year or in six months, the demand for these sevas at S'Mangapuram will swell manyfold due to awareness, the difficulties then start same as in Tirumala and it is for you to avail as early as possible in present times and have the satisfaction.

If for sentimental reason,  you dont have full satisfaction even after performing sevas at S'Mangapuram unless  see the  deity at Tirumala, same day u can take footpath from there after these sevas (takes approx.2 hours even leisurely), get free token for special entrance darshan &  two laddus @Rs.20 cost at 900th step (total steps 2300 comparing 3450 from alipiri side & no addl. long walking distance as from alipiri) & complete darshan before that night (of course, 24 hours allowed since getting token with free annadana prasadam and free accommodation facility @PACs which u should avoid as there again rush & queues). As senior citizens, a special dormitory facility @ 1st Floor(free) & separate line @ground floor for free annaprasadam, u can avail at PAC II just opp. Main/Balaji Bus complex.
If heart patient, have separate darshan arrangements and avoid footsteps.

Reg. accommodation, only accommodation at S'Mangapuram  is Aryavysya satram but they give to all  communities & good&neat looking people/families.
For better utilisation of time & sevas, go by evening or so there, have accommodation  & perform Ekantha Seva & take night rest. Early morning, you can easily go to temple for sevas from 5am. Otherwise, it is somewhat difficult to go there early morning from Tirupati & to be in time particularly for Suprabhata seva.
Apart from free bus facility every one hour from Rly.station(bus stop beside post office @ Rly. station new entrnce)/Srinivasam/Alipiri to S'Mangapuram & Srivari Mettu(6kms from Mangapuram), And Pileru & Madanapalli buses pass through Mangapuram.

With kind regards & Best wishes,


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