Thursday, March 10, 2011

Temples in KAYAR (Near Tambaram, Chennai)

This is my friend Krishna's write-up about his visit to temples in Kayar.

I, along with Sriram and Sudarshan, visited Kayar, on feb last Sunday.

Something about Kayar:
Kayar is a small village, comprising about 400 families. The main profession of the villagers is agriculture. It is situated in tambaram – thiruporur stretch. We have buses from tambaram, every one hour. Also we have buses from velachery. The children of Kayar are not so lucky about education. There is one primary and middle school in the village.

Purpose of visit:
We heard from some friends that there are 3 very old temples in the village. So we wanted to have a dharshan of the divine deities. Also we came to know that the temples need some attention. So, we wanted to have a personal visit to see the condition and then spread the word across.

Temples there:
There is one Shiva temple – which is built in 894 AD, by some chozha king.
There is one Varadarajar temple – we don’t know much details
There is one Vishnu temple – we have some stone inscriptions, but not even sure about the deity’s name.

Varadar temple:
The village head, Mr. Mohan Ram, has personally taken interest to renovate the Varadarajar temple and build a small mandapam, where bushes and thorns were surrounding the deity initially. There is a small bhattar who takes care of the temple. But due to lack of support from the public, no special uthsavams take place.

Another Vishnu temple:
I am seriously taken back to see the spate of this Vishnu temple, which doesn’t even have a roof. Shriman Narayana is looking the sky. The temple has been pulled down by natural reasons and lack of maintenance. We have some stone inscriptions that say the temple is very old and might be 1000 years old. This needs immediate attention from public.

I have attached this mahavishnu’s temple pictures along with this email.
Part -2 email will follow, which is about Lord Shiva’s temple and other village stuff.

Thanks and regards,
Krishna Shastry V S


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